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The master program in Computer Information Systems helps those who study cognitive development by offering them access to up-to-date research in one of the following fields: Decision support systems, information security systems, or electronic systems’ development based on student’s wish. The program provides an opportunity for its graduates to pursue their higher studies and conduct more scientific research. Some of the program’s objectives include: providing high calibre of specialists in computer information systems and knowledge fields since they are increasingly needed in the execution of developmental plans with the aim of serving community. The program also aims to enable students to carry out developed and specialized scientific work to support scientific research activities in the department, in particular, and to serve community in general in one of the following areas: decision support systems, information security systems, or the development of electronic systems.

Master Thesis Documents

Enrollees / Graduates

Year Total Enrollees Graduates
2014 11 0
2015 26 0
2016 46 1
2017 68 4
2018 92 9

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