Oracle Academy

About Oracle Academy

The Oracle Academy helps more than 1.9 million students gain skills related to computer science and engineering. Oracle ranks first in more than 44 categories of products and industry, which uses Oracle technologies through 390,000 customers in 145 countries.

Oracle opens many doors for students on various topics. It also works to help trainers achieve the interest of students in these important areas.

Why Oracle Academy

Institutions members of the Oracle Academy receive the following benefits:

  • Oracle Program for educational use
  • Java development environments
  • Oracle curriculum
  • Training for Faculty teachers
  • An invitation to the Oracle conference Open World and JavaOne
  • Access to Oracle Magazine, Java and Profit Magazine
  • Discounts on exam and certification fees
  • Discounts on publications and books
  • Access to the Oracle and Java community and all community forums and users
  • Access to training and employment opportunities available in Oracle

Oracle Certification and Test Preparation

If the university you are studying in is a member of the Oracle Academy, you will get a discount on Oracle products as well as test fees. These resources help to gain a distinction of recognized value among all those interested in the IT industry.

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Access to resources

Self-taught courses

To bring your ideas to life! Learn how to create games, simulations and other drawing software using the basic Java programming language. These free online courses are designed to help you teach yourself. Learn everything from start to finish, and you can define the topics you want. Knowing that programming experience is not necessary.

Oracle printed books

The publisher of Oracle Books is McGraw-Hill and these books are used as useful resources by millions of Oracle professionals around the world, and various Oracle books on Oracle and Java related topics. The Oracle Academy gives students a 50% discount on Oracle paper and electronic publications.

Technical articles

Oracle Magazine * and Java Magazine ** Provides computer science students who want to know more about Oracle and Java technologies as well as obtain technical materials prepared by Oracle experts through Profit Magazine *** This magazine helps trainers and students deepen understanding of how Oracle uses technology Streamlining business processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


To communicate and register

Coordinator of the Oracle Academy in the College of Computing and Information Technology
Mr. Moatasem Jarrah
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology
Office No. 7 Building 31
Mobile:  0532191650